We deliver a value for money service to all our clients, in accordance with the professional and ethical standards of a professional firm.

About Us

Integritas SA Inc. provides assurance, accounting, advisory and tax services to clients in all markets and industries. We aim to help our clients grow and prosper by focussing on personal and business financial structures, estate and tax planning.   

We pride ourselves to support our clients, whatever their requirements are and operate on a flexible basis to deliver services according to our clients needs.  We aim to add value and strive to always find viable solutions to optimise our clients’ structures and business activities.

Our Mision

To create value and make a difference.

INTEGRITAS is derived from the Latin word, Integrity. We aspire to provide personal and quality services to build your wealth and business.

Professional & Experienced

Established in 1999.

Committed To The Client

We provide professional, ethical and unequaled service.

Exceptional Service

We aim to establish strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Services

Business Structuring


Auditing & Assurance



Statutory & Secretarial Support


Estate Planning & Wills


Puik diens!! Altyd beskikbaar en gaan uit hulle pad uit om ons te help, ons kan nie sonder julle nie!

Steyn & Marisa Steenekamp