Meet the Qualified Team

Our Vision:

We pride ourselves in a sense of strong integrity by building trustworthy client relationships. 

We take initiative and persevere to provide consistent and reliable services by collaborating and
working together as a dynamic team.

Our Director:

Jan-Louis Raath

Director and CEO
Registered Auditor (IRBA)

With an Honours and Masters degree in M.Sc Agric, Jan-Louis started his career in the agricultural industry, while furthering his studies in audit and accounting. In 1996 he started working full time in the accounting industry, obtaining his Chartered Accountant qualification and IRBA registration soon thereafter, whilst building Integritas on a foundation with a strong and loyal clientele.

Jan-Louis is a loving father of four children, caring husband, loyal friend and is always up for a challenge, including climbing mount Everest, competing in the Ironman, Comrades, Two Oceans and cycling the Andes Mountains, only to name a few.

His passion is to help his clients make the best financial decisions and setting up the most appropriate structures for their personal and business scenario.

He believes in adding value and walking the extra mile and sets a true example for the Integritas culture to always put the clients’ needs first in all of our decision making.

Team Members:

Nerissa Swart

I find my passion in helping others. I am friendly, driven, determined and honest.

I am good at: Project management, having a holistic overview of business structures, taxation and accounting.

My hobbies: Anything creative, hiking and boxing.

A fun fact about me: There is not a room in my house not filled with plants.

Annette Barry

After several years working as an auditor for KPMG in New Zealand and PwC, I found myself loving Integritas and the way we add value to our clients on a personal and commercial level. I am family orientated, goal-driven, organised, outdoorsy, ambitious and love Jesus.

I am good at: Always finding ways to help our clients and taking on a challenge.

My hobbies: Traveling, DIY home projects and spending time with family and friends.

A fun fact about me: My alternative career choice was becoming an actress.

Adrian Snyman


I am driven, ambitious, optimistic, curious, supportive, risk-taker and friendly.

I am good at: Accounting, Business Structuring, Client-Relationships.I enjoy problem-solving and providing a calm and fun atmosphere.

My hobbies: Equity Trading, Integritas chess games against Jan-Louis, running, bird watching, and hunting.

A fun fact about me: I am the third-generation accountant.

Nicolene Willemse


I am caring, loving, kind and always willing to help.

I am good at: Providing a calm atmosphere.

My hobbies: Kickboxing, Spending time with loved ones.

A fun fact about me: My pet is a beautiful little hedgehog, named Zara.

Dané de Witt


I describe myself as being passionate, resourceful, with a willingness to improvise and a strong determination to succeed. 

I am good at: Solving problems and reaching the bottom drawers.

My hobbies: Hockey and learning new sports. 

Fun fact about me:  I am short and sweet.

Riana Muller

Statutory and Trust

I am family orientated, ambitious, passionate and friendly.

I am good at: Taking on a challenge and getting things done.

My hobbies: Traveling, reading, archery, sport-shooting, hiking and spending time with my family.

A fun fact about me: I wanted to become a nurse or teacher.

Maritza Cronje


I am creative, enthusiastic, organised, optimistic and motivated. 

I am good at:  Being creative.  If something isn’t working for me or the team, I like to explore alternative solutions, ones that may not be as obvious.

I have an open mind and work best with a team around me.

My hobbies: Painting, needlework and gardening.

A fun fact about me: I am a loud fun person who sees the silver lining around the dark cloud!


“Dané, dankie vir jou goeie diens!!! Dit is ‘n plesier om saam jou te werk.”

Amber Sunrise